Our mission is to provide the most welcoming, unique, and entertaining FiveM RP experience ever!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let us know! We have our Discord for general info, and if you would like the assistance of our staff team, feel free to create a ticket too.

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Our founding

Sector 7 was founded with the aim of providing a unique and welcoming community. Originating in the Arma 3 RP scene Sector 7 moved to FiveM in it's early stages.


Growth & beyond

The Sector 7 community is focused on providing an immersive, serious roleplay environment that is also welcoming to those who do not have roleplay experience. As far as development goes our primary goal is to make everything as clean, unique and optimized as possible. Providing an immersive yet extremely user friendly gameplay experience. Our mission is to provide the experience of a top tier FiveM RP server without all the bias and bureaucracy. Allowing the players to have primary input into the content released in the community and the servers we plan to host.

Our team

Dedicated to quality and your success

Board Of Directors & Operations Director
Board Of Directors & Project Lead
Board Of Directors & Team Manager